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Men Are More Likely to Ignore Oral Health

A variety of survey and studies reveal that men are less likely than women to attend to their physical and oral health. Having good oral health is tied to overall good health, and it’s hard to believe that a common factor among those that don’t have regular dental checkups is that they’re men. It’s not unusual for a man to avoid the dentist for years until a problem arises, which may contribute to the fact that men can lose 5.4 teeth for non-smokers and 12 teeth for smokers by the age of 72. Without proper dental exams, men have a higher risk of developing oral cancer, throat cancer and gum disease. For men and the people that care about them, it’s essential that this trend is reversed immediately!

Gum disease and heart health

Men are more likely than women to suffer a heart attack and have a higher likelihood of being on medications that can lead to dry mouth, which increases their risk of developing gum disease. Research indicates a link between cardiovascular disease and gum disease and this can increase the risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack. That’s reason enough for men to visit the dentist regularly instead of waiting until they’re experiencing pain or other worrisome oral health issues.

Tobacco use

Men are affected by oral cancer and gum disease twice as often as women, and 95% of cases of oral cancer happen in people over 40. Tobacco use can increase the risk of oral cancer and gum disease. Without early diagnosis and treatment, oral cancer can lead to facial and oral disfigurement, chronic pain, loss of function and death. Anyone who uses tobacco should visit the dentist regularly for cleanings, exams and screenings for oral cancer.

Playing sports

Both men and women who play sports have an increased risk of suffering trauma to the face, mouth and teeth. Primarily male contact sports such a football and hockey are especially dangerous for oral health, and it’s vital that athletes wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth and gums.

Proper oral hygiene

Statistics show that many men only brush their teeth 1.9 times a day and some men even less than that. Practicing proper oral hygiene with twice daily brushing, daily flossing and seeing the dentist at least twice a year is the best way to protect teeth and gums and prevent oral health issues.

With all the advances in dental practices and treatments, there’s no reason for any man or woman to avoid visiting the dentist as often as they should. Contact Dupont Dental today to set up an exam and get back on the road to great oral health.