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Does Smiling Improve your Health?

There are a variety of ways to try to boost your health including exercise, supplements, doctor visits, prescriptions, and dental visits, but one of the fastest, easiest—and best of all—free ways to do it is by smiling. Smiling gives a positive upward push to your mood, success, overall health, longevity and even the moods of those around you. Genuine smiles do the best but even forced smiling when you’re not happy can help reduce stress and improve your mood. Smiling makes you feel better, gives people a better impression of you, and has a host of other benefits you might not even realize.

Immune system boost – When you smile, your body relaxes, and this allows your immune system to defend against invaders more effectively and quickly.

Stress reduction – Stress causes numerous health problems so when you feel it creeping over you, try smiling and you’ll enjoy the endorphins released that counter and reduce stress hormones.

Improves mood – The endorphins released while smiling improve your mood so even if you’re not feeling it at first, smile anyway and eventually you’ll feel genuinely better.

Fountain of youth – A genuine smile lifts your face and brightens your appearance, making you appear an average of three years younger.

Happier heart – When you smile and laugh, studies show that you’re less likely to develop heart disease as smiling temporarily reduces blood pressure, relaxes the body, and slows the heart rate.

Build trust – A genuine smile can quickly earn the trust of those around you and improve your social health and professional life.

Beneficially contagious – When you smile, studies show that about 50% of people will smile back at you, which shares the health benefits with everyone around you.

Boost productivity – A few moments of laughing and smiling during the work day can boost productivity and make you feel more motivated performing tasks.

Improve attention – When you feel stressed, your field of focus narrows and your body assumes a coiled up fight or flight mode, but smiling widens your attention and enables you to multitask better to handle problems.

Pain reducer – Those smiling and laughing endorphins have yet another benefit as they lessen and sometimes stop the pain.

Increase attractiveness – Smiling can make you more attractive to everyone around you and have beneficial effects on your social and romantic life.

Promote success – When you smile, you appear self-assured, confident and in-control, which are all very appealing qualities in the workplace and can make your boss and coworkers more likely to approach you with beneficial opportunities.

Longer life – Studies show that people who smile more often can live approximately seven years longer than those who don’t smile as much. With the stress reducing, heart helping, and mood-boosting endorphins released while smiling, you may enjoy a longer, healthier life.

When you love your smile, you’re eager to share it with the rest of the world, and this not only improves your life, but it helps the moods of those around you. If you’re not as happy with your smile as you’d like, contact our offices to inquire about ways to achieve your best, most beautiful smile.