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How To Achieve The Perfect Smile: Not As Difficult As You Think

Are you someone that will often shy away from smiling at people? If that’s the case, it’s likely that you feel embarrassed about your teeth. Perhaps some of them look misaligned. Or your teeth don’t have that bright white appearance they once had.

You will no doubt want to stop hiding your teeth and start smiling again. However, you might assume that “fixing” your teeth is a lengthy and expensive process. It might shock you to learn that achieving the perfect smile is easier than you think!

Moreover, improving the appearance of teeth is well within most people’s means. Here are some examples of how you can transform your teeth into something to be proud of:

Make Sure Your Home Dental Health Hygiene is Good

It doesn’t matter how much work you have done to your teeth. Nor does it even matter what you spend on that work. If you don’t look after your teeth, you’ll never have the perfect smile.

The key to achieving your ultimate goal is by starting with good dental hygiene. For a start, your daily routine should including brushing your teeth after each meal. Doing so ensures you get rid of the bacteria that can cause gum disease.

Each day, you should floss your teeth to remove any food stuck between them. It’s important to note that bacteria grows on food lodged in your mouth. Getting rid of their source of energy will kill them!

And when you’ve cleaned your teeth, don’t forget to rinse your mouth out with mouthwash. It ensures that any remaining bacteria gets destroyed from your mouth. Carrying out the above routine without fail each day will make your teeth strong and healthy.

Teeth Whitening

Are you embarrassed by your yellow and discolored teeth? If so, you can do something about it! Perhaps the easiest and most common step is by having teeth whitening carried out.

There are many teeth whitening treatments that you can have performed. You can opt for a solution that gets done by a dentist. Or you can use a treatment that you carry out at home. In both cases, the results will guarantee the improvement of your smile!

Fix Small Chips on Your Front Teeth

Some people don’t like smiling because of chipped teeth. Those problems can occur for various reasons. Examples include sports injuries and biting too hard onto a hard piece of food!

Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment you can have applied to fix minor chips on your front teeth. It’s a painless process that involves the use of special composite resins. When they get applied to your teeth, they get buffed and polished to achieve a uniform look. Dental bonding is the ideal way to improve your smile and boost confidence from chipped teeth.

Repair Larger Chips and Broken Teeth

Veneers are an excellent treatment for those seeking to fix larger chipped teeth. It’s also the perfect way to fix broken or discolored teeth. Veneers are thin, translucent porcelain coatings that attach to the front of the teeth.

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Can a smile makeover be right

Will a Smile Makeover Be Right For You?

A lot of people think about getting work done on their smile. Usually, this decision occurs when you’re older. You might have avoided getting braces when you were in your teens. Only now, you’ve started to notice your teeth and smile a lot. You care more about the way you look. You could consider getting a smile makeover. Smile makeovers can be extensive or only cosmetic. It might include getting your teeth whitened or even removing some of those pearly whites. You might find that you need a type of braces that are either noticeable or completely hidden. The procedure can take months or even just a couple of weeks, depending on the work that is needed. We realise we’ve just snowed you under with information. You’re probably wondering whether a smile makeover is for you. Well, let’s find out.

Are You Happy With Your Smile?

If you’re happy with your smile, there’s probably no need for a makeover. If you can look in the mirror and smile without feeling miserable, you probably don’t need one. However, if you constantly feel self-conscious about your smile, this could be the right option. Many people don’t like their smile for a variety of reasons. You might think that your teeth are crooked. A best kept dental secret is that teeth are rarely every naturally completely straight. That’s why we have braces. Or, perhaps you damaged your teeth when you were younger. That might be a chip in a tooth at the front of your mouth. This can seem unsightly, and you may want it fixed.

Can You Commit?

If you get smile therapy, it’s probably not just going to be one appointment or treatment. You’ll be back for a few over a couple of months at least. So, you can’t get a smile makeover unless you’re prepared for this type of commitment. Though, we think you’ll agree the results will certainly make this sort of commitment worth it.

Can You Afford It?

Usually, a smile makeover will cost in the region of a few thousand. But it does depend on what type of procedures and treatment you need. If it’s only going to take a couple of weeks, you might find it’s only a couple of hundred. You’ll be able to get an opinion from an expert, and they’ll let you know about the cost. Typically, you can pay in instalments rather than provide the entire cost upfront.

Can You Handle Looking Different?

You must understand you will look different throughout the difference phases of a smile makeover. First, you need to think about a home renovation and what it will look like halfway through. A home improvement half completed won’t be pretty and neither will your smile. You might have a tooth missing before the gap has been closed. Or you could have braces for a short period. But again, it will be worth it once the treatment is complete.

Do you think a smile makeover is a right decision for you? Patients are always happy with the final results, even when they’re nervous at the start of treatment.

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George Clooney smiling hollywood smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Could Give You That Perfect, Hollywood Smile

Think about that Hollywood smile. You know you’re in Hollywood when everyone flashes pearly whites of perfection. But that doesn’t happen naturally. If you don’t believe that, research some of the Hollywood star child pictures online. You’ll see many had crazy problems with their smiles and their teeth. So what is behind that perfect Hollywood smile? Typically, Hollywood stars have had major cosmetic treatment to get that perfect smile. So, if you want a smile like theirs, you ought to have a look into cosmetic dentistry. These are just some of the benefits.

Straight Teeth In No Time

It’s a little-known fact that teeth are not straight naturally. You may think your teeth are perfect. But head to an orthodontist and they’ll let you know they could still improve your smile. There’s no doubt that straight teeth are aesthetically more appealing than crooked ones. With cosmetic dentistry, a significant benefit is that you’ll have perfectly straight teeth in a matter of months.

No Gaps With No Pain

You might have noticed that some celebs have gaps in their teeth. But they usually try and do everything they can to hide these. Little gaps can be acceptable. But big gaping gaps can be unsightly. Particularly, if they are in noticeable areas. Again, cosmetic dentistry offers a significant benefit of ensuring those gaps are closed up. You won’t have to worry about a big gap between your two front teeth anymore. The procedure involved is painless, and once you get the work done, you’ll hardly notice it.

Fixing Overbites With Invisible Treatments

Another forgotten fact of dentistry is that teeth don’t fit perfectly on top of each other. At least, they shouldn’t. There should be a small, apparent overbite with the top teeth sitting a little further forward. Overbites can occur naturally but for some people, they are unfortunately massive. You might have had a problem your whole life with buck teeth and never thought there was a solution. But there is. Another big benefit of cosmetic dentistry is that you can fix your overbite. Due to the small level of work that’s required the treatment is often invisible. A retainer could do this for you and might not even have to be worn the whole time. Cosmetic dentistry could offer an invisible fix to a big issue with your smile.

A Friendly Cost You Can Afford

You might think that a Hollywood treatment comes with a Hollywood price tag. But that’s simply not the case. Most cosmetic dental procedures are completely affordable for the average individual. Certainly these types of procedures are a lot cheaper than other forms of cosmetic surgery. They’re great value for money too. You’ll have a permanent fix to an issue that’s probably been bothering you for years.

The Final Result

The last benefit of cosmetic surgery is probably the biggest. Forget about the cost, the treatment or the time it takes. Start thinking about the results. Next time you pass a shop window, you’ll smile at the reflection of a beautiful stranger and suddenly realise, it’s you!

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A healthy man smiling

Does Smiling Improve your Health?

There are a variety of ways to try to boost your health including exercise, supplements, doctor visits, prescriptions, and dental visits, but one of the fastest, easiest—and best of all—free ways to do it is by smiling. Smiling gives a positive upward push to your mood, success, overall health, longevity and even the moods of those around you. Genuine smiles do the best but even forced smiling when you’re not happy can help reduce stress and improve your mood. Smiling makes you feel better, gives people a better impression of you, and has a host of other benefits you might not even realize.

Immune system boost – When you smile, your body relaxes, and this allows your immune system to defend against invaders more effectively and quickly.

Stress reduction – Stress causes numerous health problems so when you feel it creeping over you, try smiling and you’ll enjoy the endorphins released that counter and reduce stress hormones.

Improves mood – The endorphins released while smiling improve your mood so even if you’re not feeling it at first, smile anyway and eventually you’ll feel genuinely better.

Fountain of youth – A genuine smile lifts your face and brightens your appearance, making you appear an average of three years younger.

Happier heart – When you smile and laugh, studies show that you’re less likely to develop heart disease as smiling temporarily reduces blood pressure, relaxes the body, and slows the heart rate.

Build trust – A genuine smile can quickly earn the trust of those around you and improve your social health and professional life.

Beneficially contagious – When you smile, studies show that about 50% of people will smile back at you, which shares the health benefits with everyone around you.

Boost productivity – A few moments of laughing and smiling during the work day can boost productivity and make you feel more motivated performing tasks.

Improve attention – When you feel stressed, your field of focus narrows and your body assumes a coiled up fight or flight mode, but smiling widens your attention and enables you to multitask better to handle problems.

Pain reducer – Those smiling and laughing endorphins have yet another benefit as they lessen and sometimes stop the pain.

Increase attractiveness – Smiling can make you more attractive to everyone around you and have beneficial effects on your social and romantic life.

Promote success – When you smile, you appear self-assured, confident and in-control, which are all very appealing qualities in the workplace and can make your boss and coworkers more likely to approach you with beneficial opportunities.

Longer life – Studies show that people who smile more often can live approximately seven years longer than those who don’t smile as much. With the stress reducing, heart helping, and mood-boosting endorphins released while smiling, you may enjoy a longer, healthier life.

When you love your smile, you’re eager to share it with the rest of the world, and this not only improves your life, but it helps the moods of those around you. If you’re not as happy with your smile as you’d like, contact our offices to inquire about ways to achieve your best, most beautiful smile.

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