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back to school dental visit

Back to School and Back to the Dentist

At this point, you’ve probably got everything you need to get your kids back into the swing of school life. You’ve picked up the books, the folders and all the kit that they need for sports. You might even have got them a checkup to make sure everything’s alright medically. But have you scheduled an appointment with the dentist? There’s a great reason for kids to get a dental appointment at the start of the school year.

Once they’re back in school, they have more freedom over what they eat. They can use their lunch money to buy candy, sweets and lots of sugary drinks. Maybe you control how much sugar they get at home, but it’s more of a challenge when they’re back at school. Getting a dental check-up can give you peace of mind that there aren’t already major underlying problems.

Avoid Cavities

According to the American Dental Association, fifty percent of kids between five and nine have one filling or cavity. That’s crazy, and you don’t want your child to add to this statistic. You can avoid that by getting a regular check up with the dentist. They’ll keep an eye on plaque levels that cause the cavities in the first place. With regular cleaning and instructions on how to brush you can make sure your kid has a healthy smile.

A Summer Of Sweets Might Have Taken Its Toll

Okay, we know we said the problems start when they head back to school. But what if they weren’t taking as much care of their teeth through the summer as you thought? They might have been going to slumber parties packed full of yummy, sugary sweets. Who’s to say they don’t down ten cans of soda each time they go to their friend’s house. You can’t be sure, can you? That’s why you need to get a checkup arranged with a dentist. They can sort out any issues that might have developed over the summer. If you’re lucky, they’ll fix the problem before a filling is required.

Don’t Let Them Lose Crucial Study Time

If you don’t get a dental check now, they might need one later in the year. This might result in you having to pull them out of class to get their teeth checked or a problem fixed. A recent report revealed fifty million school hours are wasted on dental appointments. At that point, you have to start wondering about what those checkups in school time do to your kid’s grade average.

They Need A Checkup Every Six Months

When was the last time your kid had a dentist appointment? Most parents put off taking their children to the dentist because they know it could be a nightmare. It’s not their favorite place in the world, so why bother with it at all. If you get a checkup with your kids every six months, you can stop serious issues like cavities developing. Stop your child’s smile from being filled with fillings by scheduling a regular trip to the dentist at the start of every school year.