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Teeth whitening done by a professional dentist

Whitening Your Teeth is Actually Easy When Done by A Professional

Having a bright, white smile is something that many of us desire. As teeth whitening has become more accessible to the masses, it has seen a dramatic rise in popularity. You can go to any beauty counter and find affordable teeth whitening kits you can apply at home. Unfortunately, some teeth whitening products are being sold without the right safety information. They can also include harmful chemicals that are not always safe for use. This can lead to permanent damage to your teeth and gums. Read through this guide to see just how easy and beneficial a professional teeth whitening session can be.

They Have Training and Experience

As stated above, some whitening kits use harmful chemical and don’t contain safety precautions. If you use these products incorrectly, you can cause some issues. For instance, if the whitening gel is placed on the gums it can cause irritation and inflammation. This can be painful and make it uncomfortable to eat and talk. Regularly, using too much gel on the surface of your teeth can also cause irreversible damage which could lead to tooth loss. The expertise of a trained professional means you get fantastic results while keeping your teeth and gums in a healthy condition. They can also recommend when your next session should be to ensure minimum damage is caused.

They Can Offer Advice

Having a professional carry out this procedure means you can ask them questions and gain informative information. You might be unsure how white you want your teeth to be or what the process entails. They can put your mind at rest and discuss your options with you. You might experience some minor side effects afterward, which they can also prepare you for. Some people try to use whitening to mask other dental issues they have such as gum disease and dental cavities. But they don’t realize that whitening is often less efficient on damaged teeth, and the chemicals use can make these conditions worse. So if your teeth are painful or damaged, your dentist can advise you on what dental treatments you should have before you whiten your teeth.

They Tailor the Service to You

Many home whitening kits use universally sized trays and strips. No two mouths are the same as our teeth are all different shapes and sizes. This means that these methods many not provide you with the results you expected. It can also mean the chemicals reach sensitive areas such as your gums and tongue. A professional at your dental practice should have custom sized equipment that fits perfectly. This tailored approach will not only make you feel more comfortable but ensures they chemicals are used in the right place.

There’s no denying that home teeth whitening kits are convenient. But getting this procedure carried out by a professional can give you better results and keep you safe. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to ask them any questions you may have. They should be able to clearly talk through the process and show you examples of their previous work.