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Treat Gum Disease

Treating Periodontitis Can Save Your Teeth

It’s common for people to think that cavities are the biggest threat to their teeth, but cavities are actually unlikely to cause tooth loss. Cavities can lead to tooth infections that threaten the heath of a tooth, but the bigger cause of tooth loss is gum disease (periodontitis). The best way to keep teeth healthy and save teeth with gum disease is to consult a periodontal expert who understands all stages of periodontitis.

Gum disease more common than most believe

Gum disease presents a high risk for tooth loss because it’s more common than many believe and patients, therefore, may not be looking for signs of the disease. Periodontitis affects almost half of adults over 30 years old and of that half, 30% have moderate gum disease. Even moderate periodontitis can lead to bone loss around teeth and receding gums. In severe gum disease, there’s an increased danger of tooth loss. Knowing the signs of gum disease/periodontitis can help a person receive prompt treatment. These signs include:

  • Swollen, red gums
  • Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing
  • Food debris between gums and teeth
  • Teeth appear longer than they used to
  • Dark areas around teeth
  • Teeth sensitivity, especially deep in the tooth root
  • Movement in teeth

For someone with one or more of these symptoms, it’s vital that they visit the dentist and begin treatment to reverse gum disease and avoid tooth loss.

Importance of periodontal expert

A periodontist has the experience and knowledge required to properly treat and reverse gum disease. As gum disease is so common, most dentists are periodontal specialists and have the proper dental training that focuses on tissues surrounding the teeth, bones and gums. Periodontists know the best options for treating gum disease and these can range from noninvasive treatments to surgery, and they work with their patients to find the best treatment to restore a healthy mouth and prevent tooth loss. An expert in treating periodontitis has the skill to prepare the mouth for whatever treatments are necessary and performs the procedures necessary to save teeth. If tooth loss does occur, a periodontist can place dental implants as needed to restore a patient’s smile and avoid the risk of bone loss from missing teeth.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of gum disease, it’s important to contact a qualified dentist right away to reverse the disease and restore your healthy mouth. Dupont Dental provides numerous dentistry services to protect and preserve your smile.