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When Is It Time to Have Your Tooth Extracted

Having a tooth extracted isn’t a pleasant notion for anyone. However, sometimes it is a necessary procedure. Some people will put off seeing their dentist when they have a toothache or feel they might need to have a tooth extracted. The procedure isn’t as frightening as many believe it to be and can be the best solution to several problems. A visit to see your dentist is best if you think you might need to have a tooth extracted. They can tell you if it’s necessary or if other treatments would be better. However, you can also be more aware of when it might be best to have a tooth removed.

Damaged Tooth

A tooth extraction might be needed if your tooth is severely damaged. You might have broken it by biting down on something or perhaps during an accident. It could also have broken as a result of decay. In some cases, the tooth can be repaired using one of several methods. For example, a filling might be able to fix the damage, or a crown might be appropriate. However, sometimes the tooth is too damaged to restore or preserve it, and it needs to be extracted.

Crowded Mouth

Another reason for requiring a tooth extraction could be that your mouth is crowded. This is a common practice for teenagers and adults who are getting braces. An overcrowded mouth can make it more likely for teeth to be misaligned. Removing a tooth gives the other teeth more room to spread out and straighten. It can also be a good idea to remove a tooth if a new tooth isn’t able to break through the gums. A crowded mouth can prevent this from happening, so extracting the tooth might be the best option.

Infection or Risk of Infection

An infection in the tooth or even just a risk of infection is another reason to extract a tooth. An infection might occur when the pulp of the tooth is damaged by tooth decay. When this happens, a root canal is sometimes performed to correct the problem. The patient might also be given antibiotics to treat the infection. However, sometimes neither of these treatments works. In these cases, extracting the tooth is often the solution that will take care of the problem. However, it is a last resort after other treatments have been attempted.

Dupont Dental for Tooth Extraction

Dupont Dental is the place to come if you need a tooth extraction. Our dentists excel at the procedure, ensuring that you are cared for throughout. Our comfortable office helps you feel calmer as soon as you walk through the door. The waiting room is always stocked with an excellent magazine collection and music helps you to relax. Our bright and cheery office is modern and avoids the feel of a sterile medical establishment. We do our best to ensure that your tooth extraction is as comfortable as possible.

If you need to see your dentist, don’t put it off. Performing a tooth extraction sooner rather than later will prevent further problems.