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Fixing crooked teeth

The Importance of Correcting Crooked Teeth

Crooked or misaligned teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern as without correction, they can lead to oral complications and health problems. With today’s innovative dental treatments, adults with crooked teeth can have healthy, straight teeth and a smile they’re confident sharing.

Crooked teeth causes

There are various reasons why teeth become crooked. Quite often, as permanent teeth grow in replacing baby teeth, they don’t grow in straight because they grow in one at a time and the existing teeth in the mouth affect their position. This is why it’s common for teens and pre-teens to undergo braces once all of their baby teeth have fallen out. Tooth loss is another common cause of crooked teeth as the remaining teeth move position to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. When the teeth shift, they’re usually misaligned. Less common causes of crooked teeth include TMJ disorder or a cleft palate.

How crooked teeth affect oral health

When the teeth have proper alignment, they support each other and help maintain the proper oral structure, which makes eating and speaking possible. However, when teeth are crooked, they can cause muscle and jaw strain as they don’t provide enough support and this leaves the mouth more vulnerable to damage or injury. Having teeth out of alignment can also lead to sensitivity or tooth pain and has the potential to increase the risk of gingivitis and tooth decay as it’s harder to reach all areas of the crooked teeth while brushing and flossing.

Treating crooked teeth

Treating crooked teeth requires working with a dental professional experienced in orthodontics. There are many ways of fixing crooked teeth and children and adults can both benefits from traditional braces. Today’s braces can be less obvious and more comfortable than braces of the past, but the most discreet option is the Invisalign system of aligner trays. Invisalign braces are very convenient for today’s busy adults and they’ve advanced so that they can treat a great degree of misalignment than when they were first introduced. The clear plastic trays of the Invisalign system are easy to remove during eating, brushing and flossing ensuring that teeth stay healthy as they move into a better position. For patients who don’t want to undergo orthodontic treatments and who have misaligned teeth that are more of a cosmetic issue, dentists may suggest placing porcelain veneers over crooked teeth. Veneers give a patient’s smile an even, smooth and properly aligned appearance.

There’s no reason to endure misaligned teeth in your mouth that make you self-conscious. Contact Dupont Dental to find out how we can restore and improve your smile.