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Can a smile makeover be right

Will a Smile Makeover Be Right For You?

A lot of people think about getting work done on their smile. Usually, this decision occurs when you’re older. You might have avoided getting braces when you were in your teens. Only now, you’ve started to notice your teeth and smile a lot. You care more about the way you look. You could consider getting a smile makeover. Smile makeovers can be extensive or only cosmetic. It might include getting your teeth whitened or even removing some of those pearly whites. You might find that you need a type of braces that are either noticeable or completely hidden. The procedure can take months or even just a couple of weeks, depending on the work that is needed. We realise we’ve just snowed you under with information. You’re probably wondering whether a smile makeover is for you. Well, let’s find out.

Are You Happy With Your Smile?

If you’re happy with your smile, there’s probably no need for a makeover. If you can look in the mirror and smile without feeling miserable, you probably don’t need one. However, if you constantly feel self-conscious about your smile, this could be the right option. Many people don’t like their smile for a variety of reasons. You might think that your teeth are crooked. A best kept dental secret is that teeth are rarely every naturally completely straight. That’s why we have braces. Or, perhaps you damaged your teeth when you were younger. That might be a chip in a tooth at the front of your mouth. This can seem unsightly, and you may want it fixed.

Can You Commit?

If you get smile therapy, it’s probably not just going to be one appointment or treatment. You’ll be back for a few over a couple of months at least. So, you can’t get a smile makeover unless you’re prepared for this type of commitment. Though, we think you’ll agree the results will certainly make this sort of commitment worth it.

Can You Afford It?

Usually, a smile makeover will cost in the region of a few thousand. But it does depend on what type of procedures and treatment you need. If it’s only going to take a couple of weeks, you might find it’s only a couple of hundred. You’ll be able to get an opinion from an expert, and they’ll let you know about the cost. Typically, you can pay in instalments rather than provide the entire cost upfront.

Can You Handle Looking Different?

You must understand you will look different throughout the difference phases of a smile makeover. First, you need to think about a home renovation and what it will look like halfway through. A home improvement half completed won’t be pretty and neither will your smile. You might have a tooth missing before the gap has been closed. Or you could have braces for a short period. But again, it will be worth it once the treatment is complete.

Do you think a smile makeover is a right decision for you? Patients are always happy with the final results, even when they’re nervous at the start of treatment.