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in-offce at-home teeth whitening

In-Office or At-Home Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental treatment, loved by many people. Removing stains and coloring from your teeth gives you a brilliantly white smile. If you are considering whitening your teeth, you may have noticed that there are two primary options. You can have your teeth whitened in your dentist’s office, or you can do it at home. Dupont Dental offers both options, with Zoom in-office whitening or the Opalescence at-home system. Both treatments are equally effective, and they each have their benefits. Read on to find out the difference between the two systems and which one is best for you.

Benefits of In-office Whitening

Our in-office whitening system is called Zoom. As the name suggests, it’s a quick and efficient way to get the white teeth you want. This professional treatment from Philips is a safe way to whiten your teeth in less time. When you come to our office, your dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide (bleach) gel to your teeth. They then use a lamp with UV light to break down the gel and activate it. Your teeth are bleached to a whiter shade while remaining healthy.

There are some excellent benefits to coming to our office for your whitening treatment. To start with, the treatment is quick. It takes around an hour to complete so that you can fit it around your other commitments quickly. There’s no need to spend time recovering or undergo a lengthy procedure. Another excellent benefit is that you can see improvement in the color of your teeth immediately after the treatment. The Zoom whitening system can make your teeth six to eight shades brighter compared to when you walk into the office. The treatment is comfortable, and our office is too.

Benefits of At-home Whitening

There are a couple of ways you can choose to whiten your teeth at home. You can buy at-home whitening kits from pharmacies and other outlets. However, we recommend always going to your dentist for an at-home whitening kit. Your dentist can ensure that the kit is customized for you. This makes the whitening trays safer. We ensure that they fit your teeth and keep the bleach solution away from your gums.

The at-home whitening system we use is Opalescence. It provides you with incredible results, just like our in-office whitening. However, it also gives you the convenience of doing your treatment at home. Many people don’t have time to do the in-office treatment or might feel comfortable about sitting in the chair for an hour. When you use our Opalescence whitening trays, you put them on your teeth before you go to bed. They work while you sleep, so you don’t have to use anytime or effort. Just let them do their thing and the gel will whiten your teeth.

In-office and at-home whitening treatments each have their positives. Deciding which one is best for you is a matter of time, convenience and comfort. Everyone has different feelings about which is the best method.