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3 Dental Appliances for Missing Teeth

Missing teeth affect so many aspects of your life that you might not even be aware of them all. Of course, the first thing that you — like many people — think about is how you look with your teeth missing. This often depends on which particular tooth or teeth are missing as those toward the back of your mouth are often not as noticeable as those in the front.

Other Negative Effects of Missing Teeth

While your smile is probably the first thing you think about if you are missing teeth, there are other negative effects as well. Depending on where in your mouth the teeth are missing, eventually, their loss could result in your face becoming distorted or sagging because the support of your bony facial structures has changed.

Also, missing teeth can affect the way you eat. Without all your teeth in place, you could have difficulty chewing your food thoroughly. This could increase your chances of choking. It could also make it more difficult for your body to digest your food and extract the necessary nutrients from it.

Notable Dental Appliances for Missing Teeth

Fortunately, with the technology available today, dentists can offer their patients several notable dental appliances that are designed to help them look and feel their best. The following are three of the possible solutions:

1. Dentures

Dentures are often the first thing that you think of to address missing teeth. These removable dental appliances are often chosen because they provide a versatile method of replacing missing teeth that is not permanent. Available as partial and full dentures, they should be removed and cleaned according to your dentist’s instructions daily. While most dentures are made of a combination of metal brackets and a hard, resin material, flexible dentures might also be an option. These contain a flexible base that allows for a more realistic feel and movement of your mouth.

2. Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a more permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth. In most cases, the dentist will reduce the teeth on either side of the missing tooth to create a more uniform surface. These are then covered with crowns that have been fused together before they are placed over the reduced teeth. A false crown that is designed to replace the missing tooth is also included in the bridge.

3. Snap-on Smile

A Snap-on Smile provides you with many of the same benefits as dentures with some unique additions. Easy to care for and quick to make, a Snap-on Smile dental appliance is a painless and affordable solution that can address many other problems as well. For example, if your teeth are stained, crooked or otherwise imperfect, a Snap-on Smile can address these issues while still providing a replacement for your missing teeth.

Which dental appliance is the right one for your missing teeth? Your dentist is the only one who can determine this. Contact your dental team today for a thorough evaluation and discover a smile you can be proud of.