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dental appliance for jaw alignment

Help for Jaw Alignment Problems with a Dental Appliance

Your body’s joints are aligned in a certain way to facilitate ease of movement and functionality. Your jaw is a large joint that allows you to bite, chew, swallow, yawn, speak, shout, smile, sing and much more. For those who suffer from jaw alignment issues, these functions are hindered, and accompanying pain may be present.

The Dangers of Jaw Misalignment

If you have jaw misalignment, it’s important that you have it professionally treated as soon as possible. Dupont Dental Associates in Washington can help with diagnosing and treating jaw misalignment. The dangers of not seeking treatment for jaw misalignment include worsening conditions that can lead to the necessity for more serious, invasive treatments, including surgery. Other potential ramifications of not getting treatment for jaw misalignment is teeth loss, gum disease, incorrect health diagnosis, and others. Following is information about identifying jaw misalignment issues, and available treatment with a non-invasive dental appliance for jaw alignment.

How to Tell if You Have Jaw Alignment Issues

Jaw misalignment is more common than you think, but the symptoms may not always be obvious. Here are some of the signs to look out for:

  • Teeth do not line up properly
  • Teeth have shifted
  • Pain or tenderness when biting or chewing
  • Inability to open mouth wide
  • Pain or tenderness when speaking for long periods of time
  • Slurred or hindered speech
  • Noticeable jaw discomfort when sleeping in certain positions
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Frequent, unexplained headaches ranging from mild to severe
  • Neck and base of the skull pain or tenderness
  • Decrease in range of head turning from side to side or up and down

Non-Invasive Treatment Option for Jaw Alignment issues

Don’t hesitate to contact Dupont Dental if you suspect that you may have a jaw alignment issues. If detected early enough, your treatment may consist of a simple, non-invasive treatment option for jaw alignment issues. This dental appliance is a specially-fitted device that subtly and gently helps to make minor adjustments in the way your jaw lines up. The device can be worn in the privacy of your home and is completely removable and insertable by you without any assistance. Over time, this dental appliance for jaw alignment can help to bring your jaw back into alignment and alleviate many or all of the above symptoms you may have been experiencing due to your jaw misalignment issues.

The Benefits of a Dental Appliance for Jaw Alignment Issues

The benefits of this non-invasive dental appliance for jaw misalignment include a restoration of your biting and chewing abilities. It’s likely that you may be able to return to your normal culinary habits after use of the dental appliance. Your teeth and gums will be in better shape because you’ll be able to care for them without discomfort. Once the jaw alignment is properly treated by Dupont Dental, any headaches caused by the jaw alignment issue will be mitigated or disappear entirely. Essentially, you’ll have your life back.

While noticing something at home is helpful, it’s crucial to get a professional diagnosis and proper treatment. If you notice any or all of the signs of a misaligned jaw, make an appointment right away with Dupont Dental in Washington.