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How To Achieve The Perfect Smile: Not As Difficult As You Think

Are you someone that will often shy away from smiling at people? If that’s the case, it’s likely that you feel embarrassed about your teeth. Perhaps some of them look misaligned. Or your teeth don’t have that bright white appearance they once had.

You will no doubt want to stop hiding your teeth and start smiling again. However, you might assume that “fixing” your teeth is a lengthy and expensive process. It might shock you to learn that achieving the perfect smile is easier than you think!

Moreover, improving the appearance of teeth is well within most people’s means. Here are some examples of how you can transform your teeth into something to be proud of:

Make Sure Your Home Dental Health Hygiene is Good

It doesn’t matter how much work you have done to your teeth. Nor does it even matter what you spend on that work. If you don’t look after your teeth, you’ll never have the perfect smile.

The key to achieving your ultimate goal is by starting with good dental hygiene. For a start, your daily routine should including brushing your teeth after each meal. Doing so ensures you get rid of the bacteria that can cause gum disease.

Each day, you should floss your teeth to remove any food stuck between them. It’s important to note that bacteria grows on food lodged in your mouth. Getting rid of their source of energy will kill them!

And when you’ve cleaned your teeth, don’t forget to rinse your mouth out with mouthwash. It ensures that any remaining bacteria gets destroyed from your mouth. Carrying out the above routine without fail each day will make your teeth strong and healthy.

Teeth Whitening

Are you embarrassed by your yellow and discolored teeth? If so, you can do something about it! Perhaps the easiest and most common step is by having teeth whitening carried out.

There are many teeth whitening treatments that you can have performed. You can opt for a solution that gets done by a dentist. Or you can use a treatment that you carry out at home. In both cases, the results will guarantee the improvement of your smile!

Fix Small Chips on Your Front Teeth

Some people don’t like smiling because of chipped teeth. Those problems can occur for various reasons. Examples include sports injuries and biting too hard onto a hard piece of food!

Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment you can have applied to fix minor chips on your front teeth. It’s a painless process that involves the use of special composite resins. When they get applied to your teeth, they get buffed and polished to achieve a uniform look. Dental bonding is the ideal way to improve your smile and boost confidence from chipped teeth.

Repair Larger Chips and Broken Teeth

Veneers are an excellent treatment for those seeking to fix larger chipped teeth. It’s also the perfect way to fix broken or discolored teeth. Veneers are thin, translucent porcelain coatings that attach to the front of the teeth.

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dental implant benefits

3 Things About Dental Implants You Need to Know

If you need to have one or multiple teeth replaced, there’s a good chance your dentist will recommend dental implants. These are often the first choice as they are a long term solution that can provide function while still looking natural. While they are considered the most efficient form of tooth replacement, it’s important to do your research. Knowing what the procedure entails and the benefits of having them can help you determine whether they are a suitable option for you. So before you make a decision, use this guide to find out more.

They are as Strong as Your Natural Teeth

One concern that many patients have is that their new dental implants won’t last or break easily. Unlike other tooth replacement treatments, dental implants are built to last. With good oral hygiene and regular checkups with your dentist, there is no reason why your dental implants shouldn’t last a lifetime. Dental implants are inserted into the hole where your missing tooth used to be. It is then fixed directly onto the jawbone in the place of the original tooth’s root. This bonding with the jaw bones means that the dental implant has the same amount of function and strength as the rest of your teeth. So you can bite into foods such as apples without being concerned of a breakage.

They Can Be Color Matched

Another concern for patients is that the implant will stand out and look unnatural next to their other teeth. Many feel that this will affect their confidence and make them less inclined to show off their smile. Advances in dental implants have provided more colors than ever before giving you plenty of options. You and your dentist can look at the current color of your teeth and use that to color match the artificial tooth that is attached to the implant. This will give you a natural looking result that complements the rest of your teeth. The color matching of dental implants has improved so much that it’s hard for people to tell the difference.

They Will Require You to Stop Smoking

It’s important to know before you have this procedure that your dentist may ask you to stop smoking. This can often come as a shock to many patients, but it is for a good reason. Dental implant success rates are usually 90% and above. But recent studies have found that smoking increases the risk of the implants failing. This is because smoking cigarettes hinder the healing process. It can also cause infections after the procedure. This prevents the dental implants from working effectively while also causing pain and discomfort. So if you are a smoker and intend to have implants fitted, it might be wise to join a quit smoking group beforehand.

Hopefully, this guide will have provided you will some useful dental implant information. If you are still unsure whether this is the right procedure to solve your tooth loss problem, talk to your dentist. They can answer any questions you may have, as well as talking through alternatives you can also consider.

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Surprising Benefits of Dental Implants

Healthy, strong teeth are essential for a stunning smile that lasts a lifetime, but the truth is that most people weren’t born with perfect teeth that stay strong and look great forever. Having a healthy and complete smile helps overall health while boosting confidence. It’s important for anyone missing one or more teeth to seek a replacement to prevent bone loss and preserve their facial structure. With today’s dental implants, it’s possible to have permanent tooth replacement and a complete smile at any age. Dental implants have many benefits, but some of them may be surprising.

Youthful Smile and Face

A healthy smile keeps a person looking younger because teeth help preserve facial structure. The lips, cheeks and skin of the face remain firmer and tighter when teeth are present. Missing teeth and the gaps they leave can lead to bone loss, which gives the face a sunken appearance and causes the skin around the cheeks, eyes, and mouth to look more wrinkled and looser. Patients who receive dental implants often comment on how they feel and look younger and how much more willing they are to smile.

Success in Social Life and Career

A smile is one of the first things people notice during a first impression, and a healthy smile ensures that it’s a positive impression. A study showed that men found smiling women without makeup were more attractive than women hiding their smiles and wearing makeup, which proves the impressive power of a great smile. It’s common to hide one’s smile due to missing teeth, and this can make them seem unapproachable or unfriendly when they’re truly not. Having a full set of teeth encourages a person to feel more confident and smile more, and this can lead to greater opportunities in social and professional aspects of life.

Healthier Food Options

Someone living with missing teeth or traditional dentures that slip and aren’t as durable as natural teeth may live on a limited diet with foods that are easier to chew and may not be healthy. Difficult or painful chewing due to missing teeth makes it difficult to enjoy harder, healthier foods like apples, carrots, and other firm option.  Bones stay healthy and strong with exercise, and this applies to the jawbones too. With dental implants replacing missing teeth, a person can chew on healthy foods that keep teeth and bones strong.

Halt Bone Loss

The loss of bone material in the body, a condition called osteoporosis can affect both women and men and the jawbone is one of the first areas doctors find a loss of bone. When a person has all their teeth thanks to dental implants, they can chew properly and have a strong jawbone. The placement of dental implants directly into the jawbone can slow down, halt and sometimes reverse bone loss. Dental implants help keep surrounding teeth healthy too as they don’t require modification for implant placement and the new teeth prevent natural teeth from shifting.

Learn how dental implants can address any missing teeth issues by contacting Dupont Dental today.  


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Missing Tooth Replacement

Why You Should Replace Teeth Even If They Aren’t Visible

Losing a tooth in a highly visible spot in a smile makes a majority of dental patients seek replacement promptly. Having an empty space in a smile can make a person feel self-conscious, detract from the overall appearance and even affect how that other people perceive the person with a missing tooth. In a survey of 1,000 Americans, over a quarter of them said that the first feature they notice when meeting a new person is their teeth and smile and that it’s the feature they remember most.

A lasting impression is often made within the first three seconds of meeting someone and when that someone has gaps in their smile that effects the first impression. However, many people hesitate to replace a lost tooth that’s less visible because they don’t think it has a significant impact. Unfortunately, such an assumption is incorrect and detrimental to oral health.

Impacts of a smile

A smile can play a large role in an adult’s life and how people perceive them. A complete, healthy smile may help a person climb the corporate ladder in today’s increasingly competitive job market. Socially, an attractive smile can project a positive, trustworthy personality and give an advantage over others less confident in their smile. Having a healthy, full smile can also create a more youthful appearance and boost a person’s mood. Missing a tooth, even in an inconspicuous area, can make a person hesitant to share their smile and may have a negative impact on their life.

Negative social aspects of incomplete smile

Along with the negative impact on appearance, missing teeth can affect social relationships. In a survey of approximately 20,000 Academy of General Dentistry members, 86% of the dentists revealed that social embarrassment was one of the most significant problems associated with missing teeth. In the survey, the dentists shared that over half of their patients avoided social interaction due to tooth loss.

Oral health issues associated with tooth loss

Social problems due to the tooth loss are just a small part of the problem. When a patient doesn’t seek some sort of replacement or restoration following tooth loss, it increases the chances that they’ll lose more teeth. The tooth or teeth adjacent to a missing tooth are highly likely to be the next ones lost, and this starts a cycle of tooth loss that can become problematic and expensive. Causes of tooth loss include accidents, gum disease and tooth fractures. Repairing damaged teeth is the best way to prevent tooth loss, but even if extraction becomes necessary, a patient doesn’t have to live with a gap in their smile. There are various tooth replacement options available today including partial bridges or dentures and dental implants.

With today’s comfortable, easy, and natural-looking tooth replacement option, there’s no reason to live with a gap in your smile, even if you’re the only one who knows about it. Even a less visible missing tooth needs replacement to maintain a healthy smile. Contact Dupont Dental to learn more about tooth replacement options. 

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